The children had an exciting afternoon with Kash who came to talk to them and teach them all about Sikhism. The children learnt many facts about the religion. Can they tell you any to comment below? After learning about Sikhism the children enjoyed a Bhangra dance workshop.

My Christmas holiday by Julia

I had a magical Christmas! On Christmas Eve, I went to a Christingle service where I carried an orange with a candle and sweets, then on Christmas Day I woke to find Father Christmas had bought me lots of presents, including a Barbie campervan and a lego catamaran. I spent Christmas Day with my 3 of my cousins, and Boxing Day with all 10 of my cousins – it was a crazy, fun day!

I also went to Blackpool to see Peter Pan which was really good, went for a sunny but cold walk in the Lake District and had a sleepover at my Nannie’s house.

My Christmas holiday by Olly

I had a wonderful time at Christmas. I went to see Father Christmas and his Elves at Ribby Hall. I went for a photoshoot with my new baby sister Evelyn the day after finishing school. On Christmas Eve I left out some treats for Father Christmas. I got lots of presents especially Lego which I love playing with! I also enjoyed playing lots of board games. Snakes and Ladders is one of my favourites. It was great seeing all my family and friends over Christmas, but I was looking forward to seeing my school family when I returned. Fantastico!

My Christmas holiday by Cecelia

We had a lovely Christmas. My brother Jack and i came down to presents piled up high, we must have been very good last year! It was great fun opening all of the gifts and even better fun playing with them!

We had a big Christmas feast, i especially enjoyed gobbling up the delicious profiteroles, i wish we could have them every day! I can’t wait of next Christmas!

Rumble in the Jungle

This week the children have started finding out about out new connector called ‘Rumble in the Jungle’. This week the children have been telling us their knowledge of the jungle and thinking about what they want to learn during this connector. This connector will be led from the children’s prior knowledge, their interests and from what they have told us they would like to learn about. Keep a look out on the blog to see the learning throughout this connector…

My Christmas holiday by Kayla-Mae

We have had a fantastic time over Christmas it started on Christmas Eve when we traveled to my Grandma and Grandads house and then we went to see Santa at Barton Grange this was so much fun me and my brother Austin was so excited! We then had party food, and left out a mince pie for Santa.

My favourite gift I got from Santa was a purple bike, Hatchamal and my new watch in the afternoon my cousins from Oxford came for Christmas dinner we had so much fun playing.

We have also celebrated my Nannas 50th Birthday I loved the bouncy castle and cake!!

I have had lots off fun playing with my new toys and spending time with my family I can’t wait to see all my friends at school and hear about how much fun they have also had 🙂


I have really enjoyed the Christmas holidays. On Christmas Eve Lana and I put out milk and a mince pie for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. When we woke up in the morning, all the food was gone and Santa had left lots of lovely presents.
My favourite presents were my spy gear, the scalextric track and my quad bike and helmet. I love riding my quad bike down the track at the side of my house and have been to the park to take it on the bmx track which was excellent.
We had Christmas dinner at granny and grandads house which was really nice and I really like pulling all the Christmas crackers and collecting the toys.
On New Year’s Eve I stayed up really late and watched the fireworks display at the London Eye at midnight.

My Christmas holiday by Austin

Over the Christmas holiday, my family and I celebrated my mom’s birthday on Christmas Eve, opened our presents from Santa, saw some of our friends, travelled to Cornwall to visit family, and celebrated my 5th birthday on January 6th.

Some of my favourite things were getting to play in my daddy’s friend’s race car, walking around a castle moat, making popcorn and putting on a show with my cousins in Cornwall, going to Lucy’s birthday party, and having chocolate cake on my birthday.