House Teams

The children have been put into house teams. Can your child tell you what colour team they are in? Do they know the name of their friends in their colour team? The children can earn house points for following the school rules and at the end of the week we have a celebration for the winning team. 

School Tour

This week the children have been on a tour of the school. They have visited the other classrooms to meet the different teachers, find where their siblings classrooms are and find where the Year 6 Buddies learn. The children also found the offices for Mrs Bowker, Mrs Curl and Miss Ainsworth. The children enjoyed finding out all about school and where everything is. 

Independent Learning 

The Foundation Stage classroom has many different areas for the children to learn in during their independent learning time. Each day the children will be shown an area of learning by an adult and they will be shown how to use this area and where everything belongs. The children are really enjoying learning about the different areas. 

FS Hall Staff – Teacher: Miss Newton Teaching Assistant: Miss Whaley

FS Park Staff – Teacher: Mrs Aspery Teaching Assistant: Mrs Simmons

Mrs Hughes volunteers to help in  Foundation Stage on a Monday and Wednesday morning.